Interior Design Works SHOP DRAWING

Through a distinguished and experienced technical office in the implementation of the interior designs of hospitals and medical projects, Al Warah coordinates with customers to use available drawings to create new interior and exterior design drawings.

Moreover, we can perform upgrades and propose sites to create accurate graphics in actual dimensions, and then move to the design phase and then execute in the most accurate detail and quality

An important basis for our work includes business drawings to represent components and communicate with end clients. On the other hand, manufacturers use store drawings to figure out how to manufacture and install components during the execution process.



We have a professional team of engineers and technicians specializing in the field of hospitals and medical projects and the necessary civil, electrical, mechanical and medical gas works, appreciating the responsibility and importance of working in the field of health.

We know the challenges of providing the necessary equipment and using high quality materials that provide a better experience. Thanks to the best technologies and support, Hatem Al Harbi Foundation will help you collect works for medical and health facilities



  • Lead and Stationed Glass and Radiation Room
  • Processing Supplies
  • Pressure Difference
  • Measuring Devices
  • Electrical Insulation Plates
  • Heba Filter
  • Smart Glass

In addition, a team of trained professionals was formed to implement the supply and installation service for specialized projects at the medical facilities. For example, to supply, install and ensure the operation of medical devices for operating rooms, intensive care rooms and isolation rooms, we recommend that our customers coordinate in advance with our installation department.