our mission

our core values

Respect and responsibility


We respect our customers and we seek their satisfaction. we provide our clients with the full support and the appropriate solutions they need. We always aspire that the product of our work is better than the expectations of our client.

Our responsibility

• Implementation of our customer’s vision with the assist of our high-quality Trained employees.

• Safety of the workers and citizens.

• deliver our projects within the specified time.


We are all aware of global quality standards and follow them in all stages of our work, from design to project implementation.

Quality at Hatem Al Harbi Contracting Est.

• We follow global quality standards in all our procedures.

• We use the latest technology and the best materials.

• The work team of engineers and technicians is well trained.

• we provide Supply, installation, testing, and maintenance of all medical equipment.


At Hatem Al-Harbi Contracting Establishment, we respect the time of others and believe that making good use of time is what helps us succeed and develop. That is why we deliver our projects on time because we know the value of time for our clients.


Planning and designs implemented by our experts and professional technicians, help reduce risks and maintain the safety of everyone inside your facility.

Safety in the Hatem Al-Harbi Foundation

• All employees are trained on safety and health guidelines.

• The compliance of workers with international safety standards is periodically checked.

• Installing medical equipment is done by our specialized and trained technicians.

• Testing and maintenance of medical equipment.

innovation and creativity

• Innovation and creativity in finding solutions and providing effective services of international quality.

• We think, research, and learn to know about new technologies, advanced ideas, and everything new in the field of contracting and hospital equipping.

• our employees of  Hatem Al-Harbi Contracting Est. cooperates in building unique ideas, so that the project can be implemented with distinction, creativity, and the best quality.

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